With the knowledge acquired over 3 generations in the field of cork, Manuel Alves Cork Stoppers, Unipessoal, Lda emerged. The company is proud to have the knowledge of a specialized team.

With the knowledge acquired over three generations in the cork industry, Manuel Alves Cork Stoppers, Unipessoal, Lda was born. The company is proud to have the expertiseof a specialized team.

The first company was opened in Greece, in 2002, knowntoday as Portugal Cork P.C., with the main objective tosupply the national wineries, cellars and also, the peripheralmarket.

Manuel Alves Cork Stoppers evolves harmoniously,aspiring to a continuous improvement in all its differentprocesses, such as research and development, with themain goal of offering an increasingly superior service to itscustomers and partners.

Manuel Alves Cork Stoppers main objective is toconsolidate its position in the market presently, butsimultaneously focussing in the company’s future progressand development.

– To produce and commercialize cork stoppers that meet customers' needs, guaranteeing excellence in quality and reliability.

– To apply a strict control of the first stage of production right up to the final product.

– To work towards obtaining 100% traceability of all the cork bark.

Manuel Alves Cork Stoppers, Lda endeavours to be at the forefront of companies in its sector in order to respond to market demands and to exceed the expectations of its customers.

– We aim to create ecological and sustainable methods of washes and treatments, contributing towards the well-being of the environment.

– We aspire to have complete control over all sectors of manufacture and production, ultimately, to offer the best products at the most competitive prices.

– To create a system of proximity to the customer (computer system) in the various stages of production, mainly in the vital phases.

– To protect and preserve the environment through its own efficient resource system and its commitment to material into fuel for production.

– To automatise our production lines.